Sony Pictures Scores Quentin Tarantino’s Ninth Film, 2019 Release Date Planned

Quentin Tarantino’s movies aren’t what you’d call blockbusters, so it’s been interesting to watch studios fall over themselves to try and nab his next one. There’s a certain amount of cache that being in business with Tarantino brings, and for years that was afforded to Harvey Weinstein before that became impossible for obvious reasons. Tarantino left streaming networks out in the Hateful Eight-esque cold, but opened the bidding war up to majors like Warner Bros., Paramount, and Sony, who all took their best shots at convincing the director to join them. THR reports that Sony has emerged victorious, landing Tarantino’s untitled ninth movie.

Each studio took their best shot at winning him over. Warner Bros. did an entire presentation in the style and mood of the 1960s, which is when the film is set. They had 1960s cars in the lot, old school logos, and more, while Sony gave a more business-like multimedia presentation. Paramount? Who knows, I doubt they were ever truly a factor, anyway.

Details on the film are still pretty vague, but the roster of potential talent definitely isn’t. Margot Robbie has been eyed to play Sharon Tate, the most famous of the Manson Family’s victims. But this isn’t a Charles Manson movie, and the convicted murderer is barely a presence. It’s more about the year 1969, and has drawn an early comparison to Pulp Fiction. I guess we can expect multiple characters and arcs that intersect? And if Tate is a character in the film does that mean there’s also a Roman Polanski? Anyway, others in Tarantino’s sights include  Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Shooting is expected to begin next year in time to open in 2019. It’ll reportedly cost somewhere near $100M and, of course, it’ll be R-rated. Would we expect anything less?


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