Liam Neeson Joins Prequel ‘Kingsman: The Great Game’

The next movie in Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman saga may be the third movie, but it’s not actually Kingsman 3. Instead we’re being treated to a prequel, titled Kingsman: The Great Game, which takes place about 100 years before the contemporary storyline and features an all-new cast which now includes Liam Neeson.

In a recent Deadline piece regarding Kingsman 3 and the conclusion of the Eggsy/Harry Hart storyline, they dropped news that Neeson has joined the cast of Kingsman: The Great Game.  He’ll be starring alongside Harris Dickinson, Daniel Bruhl, Ralph Fiennes, Charles Dance, Matthew Goode, Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Alexandra Maria Lara, Rhys Ifans, and Joel Basman.

While the report doesn’t mention Neeson’s role, it’s possible he’s playing British military hero Herbert Kitchener, who played a pivotal part in WWI and other major campaigns.  The film will center on the founding of the Kingsman spy agency and will be more of a period war movie than over-the-top spy flick. Other historical figures are expected to appear such as Rasputin, Nicholas II, and Gavrilo Princip.

Kingsman: The Great Game opens February 14th 2020.


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