‘What Men Want’ Red Band Trailer: Taraji P. Henson Can Read Men’s Dirty Thoughts

Let me give you a tip, ladies. You don’t want to know what men are thinking. You might exclaim “What is HE thinking!?” all the time, but it’s not something you actually want to find out. It’s a cesspool up in our heads. As Taraji P. Henson finds out in the new red band trailer for What Men Want, a gender-flipped remake of the hit 2000 film that starred Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.

Henson plays a woman sick of the all-boys’ club at her employer and has an encounter with a psychic that gives her the ability to read the minds of men. What’s interesting is that Henson is pretty wild and vulgar already, but finds that even she can be appalled by what rattles around in men’s brains. So she decides to use this newfound gift to her advantage, which we see in a star-studded poker match (featuring Shaquille O’Neal, Mark Cuban, Tracy Morgan, and others) and in a hookup with Straight Outta Compton‘s Aldis Hodge. That last one definitely does not go as planned.

While this is directed by Hairspray and Rock of Ages‘ Adam Shankman, the film is produced by Will Packer and the team behind Girls Trip.

What Men Want opens February 8th 2019.