New Trailer For ‘First Man’ Rides The Wave Of Early Oscar Buzz

The reviews have been pouring in for Damien Chazelle’s First Man, and the only thing that could be soaring higher than Neil Armstrong are the film’s Oscar prospects. Despite a little bit of pointless controversy following its Venice premiere, it looks like a legit Best Picture frontrunner, and we may even be talking about Ryan Gosling for Best Actor.

A new trailer for the film has arrived and it’s a showcase for Gosling in the central role. He gets the unvenviable task of portraying a true American hero, but one who was famously a cipher to most of his colleagues. Joining Gosling is Claire Foy as Armstrong’s wife, Janet, and by all accounts it’s a role that goes beyond the usual “loyal spouse” model we’ve grown accustomed to.

Also starring Jason Clarke, Corey Stoll, and Kyle Chandler with a script by Josh Singer (Spotlight), First Man blasts off on October 12th. This should be amazing to see in IMAX, too.


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