‘Superfly’ Trailer: Trevor Jackson Redefines How To Hustle

Director X’s remake Superfly, based on Gordon Parks Jr.’s classic blaxploitation film, promises to be very different from the original. One thing that isn’t changing, though, is that the man himself has a target on his back and everybody wants to take him down.

Grown-ish star Trevor Jackson plays Youngblood Priest, a version of the character made famous by Ron O’Neal. The action has been moved from Harlem to Atlanta, where Priest has learned to redefine what it means to hustle in the modern era. In the latest trailer we see the introduction of Priest’s team, which includes co-stars Michael K. Williams, Jason Mitchell, Lex Scott Davis and more. There’s also been a serious uptick in action compared to the original, with the remake looking more like an updated New Jack City than anything else. 

Also starring Jennifer Morrison, Jacob Ming-Trent, with cameos by Rick Ross, Big Boi, and others, Superfly opens June 15th.


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