Liam Neeson To Play A War Correspondent In ‘Charlie Johnson In The Flames’

Cannes is right around the corner and that means big deals are being put together for movies with huge stars in them. And one of the most reliable at lining up new projects is Liam Neeson, who has inked a deal to star in an adaptation of Michael Ignatieff’s thriller novel, Charlie Johnson in the Flames.

Penned by Red Sparrow writer Justin Haythe and directed by Tarik Saleh (The Niles Hilton Incident), the film casts Neeson as a “peerless BBC war correspondent covering civil unrest in the Congo. When the death of an innocent woman shakes him to his core, he risks everything to expose the truth, only to find himself embroiled in a network of murder, corruption, and violence that forces him to question his humanity.”

Sounds a little bit like The Constant Gardener but with Neeson involved I’m expecting it to have a few more gunfights, people tossed from moving vehicles, etc.  Neeson will be seen next in Steve McQueen’s heist flick, Widows, due out in November.  [Deadline]


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