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Marvel Writer Says Fans “Have No Idea What Avengers 4 Is”

Marvel has proven to be the model of efficiency at revealing news on their own schedule. They aren’t like DC Films where leaks spill out randomly and muck up future plans. And so it’s not totally surprising that we know practically nothing about Avengers 4 when we are so close to Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters. Surely that will change afterwards, but right now we are at a complete loss as to what the movie will be, in part because the title itself is likely a major spoiler.

Marvel writer Stephen McFeely spoke with Premiere and he says fans can speculate all they want, but nobody has come close to guessing what’s really going on with Avengers 4

“We know pretty much what’s going on in Avengers 3. You’ve been told who’s the bad guy and what he wants for several movies and it’s not going to change: that’s what’s going to happen. you run it in the best possible way with twists along the way, but you have no idea what Avengers is.4 Nobody knows, and that’s what makes me particularly excited. look all the time on the internet: people have no idea!”

The report continues…

He tells us that both films are “clearly linked, but they almost seem to belong to two different genres. We did not want to cut a film in half and say: ‘Pay now and come back in a year for the rest ‘These are two very different stories.”

“At the level of the tone but also the structure, ” says fellow co-writer Christopher Markus . “The 4 resolves the intrigues of the 3.”

I’m intrigued by this idea of Avengers 4 being a different genre. My favorite Marvel films have been the ones that veer away from traditional superheroics, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, etc. Here’s hoping it’s not just another heist movie because I think we’ve seen enough of those.  My guess is that it will be along the lines of a psychological thriller or horror, especially if it turns out to be based on Secret Invasion and the shapeshifting Skrulls as I suspect.

Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27th, Avengers 4 on May 3rd 2019.