Box Office: ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Rockets To #1 With $151M Worldwide

1. Pacific Rim Uprising (review)- $28M
It was inevitable that SOMETHING would knock Black Panther off its perch, and that credit goes to Pacific Rim Uprising. The Del Toro-less sequel stars John Boyega as the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first movie, and it opened with $28M domestic which is only $9M shy of its predecessor. That’s not too bad, and considering the $151M worldwide haul I’d call this a mild success. With a budget hovering around $150M the film still needs to leg it out for a while to truly be called a hit, but the prospect of that happening is better now than it was a couple of days ago. The reviews by critics have been middle of the road while audiences seemed to like it well enough. Who knows? Maybe John Boyega has a new franchise to call his own?
2. Black Panther- $16.6M/$630.9M
Holy crap, Black Panther is now the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time domestically. Think about that. At $630M it has also surpassed Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s $619M and The Avengers’ $623M.  The film now has $1.23B worldwide which I think is more than Marvel could have ever imagined.
3. I Can Only Imagine– $13.8M/$38.3M
4. Sherlock Gnomes (review)- $10.6M
I’m one of the few who apparently remembers 2011’s Gnomeo & Juliet quite fondly, but even I have a hard time justifying the need for Sherlock Gnomes. The original film opened with $25M and managed nearly $200M worldwide. Seven years later and the sequel opened with $10.6M domestic and barely a blip overseas. The reviews have been horrible (including from me) and the attempt to tell a Sherlock Holmes mystery in place of following the characters we liked the first time was a huge mistake. With Johnny Depp playing the titular detective can we count this as another flop for him? Let’s do that.
5. Tomb Raider– $10.4M/$41.7M
The rebooted Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander isn’t exactly holding on for dear life in week two, slipping 56% for just $10.4M. At $41M domestic those numbers aren’t too great; fortunately thanks to $170M overseas it sits at $211M worldwide. Not awesome, but when all is said and done it should surpass the totals of both Angelina Jolie flicks.
6. A Wrinkle in Time– $8M/$73.8M
7. Love, Simon– $7.8M/$23.6M
Well, I hoped for an extended run for Greg Berlanti’s terrific Love, Simon, and that might be happening. The Nick Robinson-led gay teen comedy fell just 33% and now sits at $23M after two weeks. I’m expecting it to stick around for a while despite the glut of blockbusters due to the strong reviews and genuinely great material. Let’s hope.
8. Paul, Apostle of Christ– $5M
The second of two faith-based movies in the top 10, Paul, Apostle of Christ opened with a solid $5M but was likely cannibalized by the second week momentum of I Can Only Imagine.
9. Game Night– $4.16M/$60.8M
10. Midnight Sun (review)- $4.11M
The latest entry in the “sick teen romance drama” is Midnight Sun, starring Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger in a remake of the 2006 film that nobody in American saw. Trust me, the Japanese version is better. Anyway, it’s also very similar to last year’s Everything Everything, and stars Bella Thorne as a girl with a rare disease that keeps her out of the sunlight. Fortunately, Schwarzenegger is just the right shade of hot to keep her comfy and protected. The film opened with just $4.1M and will be out of sight, out of mind fairly quickly.