‘Winchester’ First Look Trailer Brings the Heebies (and the Jeebies)

In this world of reboots, remakes and re…fried beans? It’s amazing to me that there are still legitimately interesting stories out there that have yet to be translated to the screen. THIS, is in my top 2 (the other being HH Holmes murder house which is also on it’s way to theaters), the real story goes that Sarah Winchester, widow of William Winchester heir to Winchester Arms fortune, became so obsessed with the ghosts of those killed by her husband’s companies rifles that she began having additions built on her mansion that were completely non-sensical and meant to confuse the spirits. I’m taking doors that open to a wall, staircases to no where, rooms with wallpaper (really who does that?), she reportedly spent millions (in 1800’s money) to build the mansion until it became an amazing if not crazy labyrinth…like a windstorm blew through an architectural firm and someone scooped up the plans and just built whatever was there.

Obviously the woman was simply mad, but you can see the appeal. I’m split on this film. On one hand I’m seeing it happen and with Helen Mirren in the title role. On the other it’s coming out February 2nd, dead in the middle of “horrible movie months” so more then likely it’s going to be a stock horror flick. The trailer looks atmospheric as hell, as well it should…a film like this should feature the house as it’s main character and with Mirren leading you’d hope something good will end up on screen. Obviously I’ll reserve judgment but I can’t help but to think of what this could be had it been a high-brow Del Toro/Pan’s Labyrinth type flick.

Check out the trailer below and you can see Winchester on February 2nd, 2018~