‘Flower’ Trailer: Zoey Deutch Is No Shrinking Violet

A coming-of-age film titled Flower might come with certain preconceived notions, but those are quickly shattered by the trailer for Max Winkler’s new film. Zoey Deutch, who is awesome in pretty much everything, goes full-on vigilante in a story that tackles with an irreverent sense of humor the timely issue of child predators. Nope, Lady Bird this ain’t.

Deutch plays Evelyn, a high schooler who lives to start trouble. We see her running from the law, punching fellow students, making out with her sidekicks, and extorting a corrupt LA cop (Adam Scott) accused of molesting her brand new stepbrother, just released from rehab for mental instability.   What could go wrong? And even if it did, would Evelyn care?

It kinda looks like a combination of Hard Candy and The Edge of Seventeen, and if it lives up to that potential we could be seeing something special.

Also starring Kathryn Hahn, Tim Heidecker, Joey Morgan, Dylan Gelula, and Maya Eshet, Flower opens March 16th.