Discussing ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Part 2 And The Backlash Against It

After nearly two weeks, we’d thought it was time to address the Bridgerton Season Three Part 2 elephant in the room.

With a successful first part and a widely discussed carriage scene, the Netflix and Shondaland hit came into Part 2 set up to succeed. But did they? While Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington ended the first four episodes engaged, the latter’s identity as gossip columnist Lady Whistledown lingers over their upcoming nuptials. Despite sweet moments and a romantic mirror coupling, the final two episodes –which deal with the fallout of Colin finding out– paint a black cloud over the rest of what was supposed to be a season based on romantic comedies.

After much backlash online towards showrunner Jess Brownell and narrative decisions, fans seem dissatisfied with the ending to Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington’s love story. From complaints about a major character change to narrative holes and a lack of screen time to accusations of lazy writing, people have had plenty to say about the third installment of the Regency period drama.

I sat down with Screen Rant’s Mae Abdulbaki to discuss the show’s ending, her relationship to the Bridgerton Cinematic Universe, and where we see the show going from here.

Cortland Jacoby
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