‘The Inheritance’ Trailer Revives One of Horror’s Oldest Tropes With a Promise of New Scares

The Inheritance, a new film by Alejandro Brugues (Juan of the Dead), has released a new trailer today and made a bold promise to horror fans. How do you take one of the oldest tropes in all of horror and make it something fresh?

Charles Abernathy (Bob Gunton) invites his children to his mansion on the eve of his 75th birthday for one very particular reason, to keep him alive. Charles believes that something is coming for him and if his children want their billion dollar inheritance they will need to keep him alive throughout the night. The old “spend the night in a haunted house for money” chestnut. While this premise does add some original ideas to what we’ve all seen before the big question is how much of it will be fresh?

Honestly, the trailer doesn’t have me super hopeful. First, they give away WAY too much in the trailer itself. Obviously not everyone is going to survive but I counted no less then 3 main character deaths that can be glimpsed in the 2 minute clip. Studios have GOT to start limiting what they give away. I mean, for Christ sake, Peyton List is the biggest name in the cast and they blatantly give her death away. Now…not having seen the film this could end up being one of those original twists I was hoping for. Fingers crossed.

Side note, if the house itself looks familiar there’s a reason. While I can’t be sure I’m almost positive this is Hatley Park, one of the most reused locations of the last 30 years. Most famously used as Xavier’s mansion in the FOX X-Men movies the site can also be seen in pretty much every CW show needing a palatial estate. Smallville, Arrow, and Supernatural  have all used the site at least once.


Official Synopsis:
On the eve of his 75th birthday, billionaire Charles Abernathy invites his estranged children back home out of fear that tonight someone or something is going to kill him. He puts each of their inheritances on the line, to ensure they’ll help keep him alive.