Podcast: Taking a Dive with THE MEG, Spike Lee’s BLACKKKLANSMAN, and The Oscars!

Jason Statham needs a MUCH bigger boat! On this week’s show we’ll take a look at his prehistoric shark flick, THE MEG! Plus, a review of Spike Lee’s racially-charged blaxploitation comedy, BLACKKKLANSMAN! Is this a return to form for the director of DO THE RIGHT THING and MALCOLM X? 

Flixist.com’s Matt Razak joins me to talk about those films, plus we’ll take a look at the Academy Awards and their controversial new change, adding a Popular Film category! What’s the point? Is this a good idea or another terrible fail on the Academy’s part? Plus news on Ruby Rose as Batwoman, those Idris Elba as James Bond rumors (again!!), and the possibility of Chris Pine leaving STAR TREK! 
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