Immerse Yourself In The 18th Century Fever Dream that Is The Trailer For Shudder’s ‘The Devil’s Bath’

The Devil’s Bath is not going to be like your everyday run of the mill horror film, that I can tell you if this trailer is to be believed. Everyone loves to say how bad things are these days but I think we can all agree that rural Europe pre-1900 probably wasn’t awesome, really for any one of 1000 reasons. The creepiest though? The way myth and superstition prevailed over everything and justice wasn’t as concrete a concept as it is today.

The German language film, directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz (of Goodnight Mommy and The Lodge fame), tells the story of Agnes, a woman preparing to be wed in 18th century Austria. Things don’t go well for Agnes after killing (mistakenly I assume) a baby she found abandoned in the woods and is sentenced to death leading to her world turning upside down and her sanity to escape her grasp.

Full disclosure, most of that story context I had to put together from the synopsis as the trailer itself doesn’t do a great job of establishing the plot. What it DOES establish is a film with an expertly crafted creepy atmosphere and a foreboding buzz that seems to vibrate right off the screen. This is definitely one I’ll have to see to make any judgement on, I’ve been burned before by atmospheric and creepy trailers (I’m looking at you The Witch).

Check out the trailer below and look for The Devil’s Bath on Shudder July 18th, 2024


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