Marriage is Overwhelming in the Trailer for ‘The Young Wife’

Mental health can be a very hard thing to accurately portray on screen, but I’ll be damned if the trailer for the upcoming Paramount film The Young Wife doesn’t nail the sense of overwhelming a panic attack can bring. The film, directed by Tayarisha Poe and starring Leon Bridges, Kiersey Clemons and Aya Cash, follows a young woman dealing with the implications of love and commitment on her life.

Odd is a word that could be used to describe what’s contained in the 2 minutes of this trailer, but you’d be wrong to not also include the word compelling. Wes Anderson’s films are odd…but they never make me want to see them, there’s something different to this films weirdness that begs it to be seen. While the visuals are compelling it was one line that won me over. About halfway through the trailer the titular young wife, Celestina, tells her paramour River that she doesn’t know if she could love him for ever. His reply? “I’m not pressed on forever…love me now”, wow…The line itself paired with Leon Bridges earnest deliver has me in line to see this movie.

Oh…and in case you were wondering, Yes, that was Judith Light of Who’s The Boss fame popping up.

Look for The Young Wife available to buy on digital May 31st, 2024

Official Synopsis:
On her wedding day, all that stands between a young woman (Kiersey Clemons, DOPE) and marital bliss with her soon-to-be husband (singer/songwriter Leon Bridges) is surviving the chaos and expectations of family and friends, each intensifying her spiraling panic in the film critics are calling “intimate, profound, and visually gorgeous” (Screen Rant)