Nothing is as it Seems in the Trailer for Richard Gere’s New Film ‘Longing’

If the final film is anything like the trailer then Richard Gere’s new film Longing is going to have more twists and turns then the LeMans 24 hour race. In the words of the great Ron Burgundy, that escalated quickly…it really got out of hand.

Gere plays Daniel Bloch, a successful businessman who has a chance run in with an old girlfriend. Over dinner she tells Bloch that she had his child and never told him, oh and that child is now dead, killed in a car accident (see what I mean? But oh, the twists they are still coming). Returning to his home town to learn more about the son he never got to meet a picture is painted of a creative, fun, loving boy. When Bloch hears from his son’s girlfriend that he was in love with his teacher, Alice (the timeless Diane Kruger), Daniel decides he needs to talk to her and begins to unravel a tale much more salacious then the sunshine and rainbows being fed to him by everyone else.

I’ll be honest, I think I know where this story is going. To be fair, it’s a remake of a foreign film so I could just Wiki it, but still, I HAVE to see how this plays out. If the point of a trailer is to generate interest for the story being told, well Mission Accomplished.

Check out the trailer for Longing below and look for the film in theaters on June 7th and on digital starting June 28th, 2024

Official Synopsis:

Golden Globe Award-winning actor Richard Gere and Diane Kruger star in this captivating drama and English-remake of the celebrated film by the original Director. Daniel Bloch (Gere) is shocked to discover a startling secret from his past and is immediately consumed by the extraordinary twists of a new life he never could have imagined. With each new encounter, Daniel uncovers a deeper layer of this fascinating mystery until he arrives at a crossroad in his own life.