Travis Hopson’s 20 Best Movies Of 2023

    2023 kicked off with a ton of uncertainty about the future, but for me, just a guy who loves movies, it all remained the same. It seemed that last year, studios were content to deliver the meat and potatoes that was needed to lure audiences back. In 2023, they were open to taking more risks, some of which paid off, like the Barbie phenomenon, and some that didn’t…like basically everything Marvel and DC did.

    Like I always say; every year is a good one if you love movies. And there was a lot to love in 2023. So much that I struggled for days trying to wittle down to my top 20, ultimately leaving off films I adore such as Barbie, Saltburn, Poor Things, The Creator, and Killers of the Flower Moon.

    In their place are the movies that stuck with me the most. Some of them strike at the romantic softie that I’m quickly becoming with old age. There are multiple animated films on this list and very easily could’ve been more. My love of bare-knuckle action is fairly represented, as well as the introduction of a couple of new voices with fresh perspectives on love and life. There’s even a damn Godzilla movie and I never thought I’d say that.

    As usual, this list comprises the films that had the biggest impact on me. You might’ve felt different. Hell, I’m sure you did and that you won’t hesitate to let me know how wrong I am. Just keep in mind that just because a film isn’t on my list it doesn’t mean I hated it.

    Once again, there will be only one favorite and the rest are in random order. Enjoy! And do let me know what some of your favorites of 2023 were!