Khalil’s Best New TV Shows of 2023

Another year is almost done, another year of peak, prestige, and awesome TV in 2023. With endless streaming options (in addition to network, basic cable, and premium cable), it’s been another year where we were glued to our TVs consuming endless content. Many cultural events happened from television this year, and it will probably only be bigger next year!

As 2023 comes to a close and everyone is making their “best of lists” it’s a little difficult to nail down a definitive list for the simple fact that there was just way too much TV to consume. That’s why I’d opt to make my list of NEW shows that premiered in 2023. So sorry, no Succession, Barry, The Bear, or anything else that didn’t premiere this year. But trust me, there are more than 80 new shows to choose from, so nailing down even a top 15 list proves to be challenging, but here’s a list of the best new TV shows to premiere in 2023.