‘Andor’ Season Two Details Revealed As Tony Gilroy Plans Summer 2024 Release

Of the many Star Wars shows to drop on Disney+ last year, Andor was arguably the best. Certainly, the series was showered with accolades, as the Rogue One prequel went above and beyond expectations by focusing on the birth of the Rebellion and the intertwining with the formation of a government. Showrunner Tony Gilroy, who was deeply involved with Rogue One, created a show that truly felt like it was building up to that pivotal film, and now we will see it literally do that with season two.

Gilroy, along with star Diego Luna and some of the show’s writers, were on hand at Star Wars Celebration. They revealed the first looks at Andor season two, which we know will be the final season and lead up to the fateful events in Rogue One.

In the footage shown, Cassian Andor sets out to unite the various factions established in season one. So you’ve got the return of Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma, Stellan Skarsgard, as Luthen, and more. And Kyle Soller returns as ambitious Imperial officer Syril Karn, who is seeing his social status rise as a result of his efforts to catch Cassian. His role is said to be bigger this time around. Also, Cassian has a new hairdo, perhaps showing his slow shift from a cynical rogue to a fiercely loyal spy in service of the Rebellion.

“If you know your ending, it really helps,” said Gilroy. “We know exactly where we’re going. You know what you have to deliver emotionally and what the story has to do. It’s a decision borne of survival, but it’s good for us creatively.”

Andor began shooting in November and should conclude in August. Gilroy thinks an August 2024 date on Disney+ is possible.

Travis Hopson
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