Apparently ‘Machete Kills Again….In Space’ Is Still Orbiting Production!

It’s been 16 years and two full length features since we were first introduced to everyone’s favorite Federale turned vigilante, Machete, via a fake parody trailer included in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to 70s trash cinema, Grindhouse.

For Danny Trejo, it defines finding “the role you were born for” and he, very obviously, loves it! He’s not alone, the fans willed this franchise into existence and here almost two decades later they are continuing to breath life into this unlikely trilogy.

Robert Rodriguez’s response to questions about Machete Kills Again…In Space during this years SXSW film festival say it best:

…you know, the original was just a fake trailer on Grindhouse. … (Fans) would bug us for years, ‘When’s that movie coming out?’ I said, ‘It was a fake trailer.’ ‘No, but it looked real! When is it coming out?’ So we gotta make it for them

He’s just as surprised as some of us are! This is where Rodriguez separates himself from the pack of popular directors…he listens to his fans and will deliver where they demand (sometimes, you can’t do it all the time). I’ll take as many Machete films as they’ll give us, I love Trejo and will watch him in anything but he’s at his best under RR’s direction. They better hurry though, Trejo’s 79 if you can believe that, but I think someone that tough can rough ride a motorcycle wielding a machete well into his 90s.


See the full clip in Deadline’s tweet below: