Holy Terror Permeates The Trailer for ‘Consecration’

Everyone knows that clowns and little kids can be supremely creepy, but you know what doesn’t get the creep-factor respect it deserves these days? Old school nuns. That’s right, full habit, ruler in the hands, pious, old-school nuns. They are absolutely terrifying and if you don’t believe me just imagine walking home from a bar late at night, looking down an alleyway and you see one of these sisters of God in the image above staring back at you…get it now? Christopher Smith gets it, his new movie Consecration is oozing with creepy, possibly homicidal, women of the cloth.

We don’t get a ton of deep plot from the trailer, which I appreciate, films like this are better discovered while watching. What we do get is the outline, Jena Malone plays a woman who’s brother, a priest, has committed suicide. Not willing to take that at face value she investigates the church in which he was stationed and immediately notices something isn’t right, cue the creepy nuns.

Thank God for IFC Films, I know a lot of people schill for A24, and they are awesome don’t get me wrong, but IFC Films is consistently awesome with their releases so I’m all aboard for this one…I just may not make it to mass for a while after.  Check out the trailer below and look for Consecration in theaters February 10th.