The Power of Brendan Fraser’s Performance Shines In The Trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s ‘The Whale’

The world can be a tough, bleak place of that there is no question. I’ve always felt that this is why film is so important to society, that escape. Of course, the most buzzed about awards contender this year, Darren Aronofsky’The Whale isn’t exactly a fun time for all, but it is a film about hope. Honestly though, it’s the story behind the story that makes this film so important for me, specifically this winning moment for Brendan Fraser. Fraser is one of those Hollywood outliers who doesn’t have scandals and who seems to radiate goodness, he is that person that you desperately want to see succeed. That’s why this wave of support from fans has proliferated the internet over the past few years.

If and when they make a film about his life, this film The Whale will be the triumphant moment in act 3 that the whole thing leads to. It doesn’t matter if he gets the Oscar, he’s already won just by having this platform to display his immense talent and be universally recognized for it.

The trailer released today for the film is essentially a 2 minute long highlight reel demonstrating the strength of his performance. It’s hard to watch and keep your eyes dry, and that’s just the trailer so be sure to pack some tissues when you get your ticket to see it in theaters. Cortland Jacoby reviewed The Whale  for us and while she found issues with the film as a whole there was no doubt that Fraser nails it home.

Check out her review here and check out the trailer below. The Whale is now playing in select theaters with it’s general release coming on December 21st, 2022