Robert DeNiro Tracks A Man Out for Revenge In The Trailer for ‘Savage Salvation’

Is there anything better then a good revenge thriller? Not that I know of, the simple joy of bad guys getting what’s coming to them, good vs evil with good coming out on top and all that. To be honest, I was a bit concerned when I saw the cast listing for this. There was a time when Robert DeNiro and John Malkovich were names that guaranteed quality, but these days they seem to be punching that paycheck ticket more then in years past…Malkovich especially (Seriously, go check his IMdB for the past 10 years). Thankfully, the trailer below tells a tale that I want to take in, one that seems to be primed to keep the audience in their seats and glued to the unfolding sweet justice.

Savage Salvation stars Jack Huston as a recovering addict that takes his fight directly to those responsible after his girl, Ruby Red (The awesome Willa Fitzgerald) dies of an opiod OD. The Opiod epidemic has been plauging our society for upwards of 25 years at this point with no end in site, films focused on this plague have been increasing as of late but this if the first I saw with a Death Wish quality to it. Does it seem like there will be a deep message that will turn the country and end the problem? Of course not, but it does look like a damn fun way to spend 90 minutes. Add to that Malkovich seeming to play the bad guy and DeNiro as an ole’ country Sheriff who uses terms like “I reckon” and we are all in for a good time. The icing on the cake? The action seems pretty damn visceral, I get the feeling of practical effects watching the clips here which makes a huge difference when you’re trying to hit that golden 80s/90s feel of an action film.

Check out the trailer for Savage Salvation below and look for it on Digital and On-Demand December 2, 2022



Official Synopsis: 

A recovering opioid addict seeks revenge on the dealers responsible for selling the drugs that resulted in his fiancee’s death.