‘X-Men ’97’, ‘What If?’ Season Two, ‘Marvel Zombies’ Details And Dates Revealed

As I sit here in myx-Men hotel room getting ready for what she be a HUGE day at San Diego Comic-Con, i’m rockin’ my Cable t-shirt. Why? Because I’m expecting some X-Men news to drop today in Hall H. But it’s also to celebrate a sweet update on the upcoming X-Men ’97 animated series, which picks up where the beloved Fox cartoon ended. Not only that, but Marvel dropped some info on a second season of What If?, as well as Marvel Zombies.

First things first, X-Men ’97 now has a release window of fall 2023 on Disney+. The series will pick up where the ’90s X-Men series from Fox Kids Network left off, and include that original team plus “new” additions like Cable, Bishop, Nightcrawler, and Sunspot. All of these characters appeared in the old show, but their situations will be different here. Oh yeah, and Magneto is leading the team! A second season of the series has already been confirmed, as well.

Marvel Animation also revealed that What If? season two will hit in early 2023, no exact release date. But there are details. First of all, the variant of Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell) that we saw get mercked in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? That was a different version from the one seen in season one. She will return next season, once again voiced by Atwell, joined by Lake Bell as black Widow. Steve Rogers will also return in his Iron Man suit.  There will be a racing episode between Valkyrie and iron Man on planet Sakaar, a medieval episode set in 1602 (a key year for Marvel Comics readers), and a Shang-Chi episode where that movie’s characters fight Odin. Crazy.

And my interest in the Marvel Zombies series has been piqued. It will arrive in 2024 with a TV-MA rating, meaning it could be too mature for kiddies. I love that shit. The show will be a direct spinoff of the What If? episode set in that universe, and feature characters including Red Guardian and Yelena from Black Widow, Awkwafina’s Katie from Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, and Ikaris from Eternals.

So along with the trailer for I Am Groot and the info on Spider-Man: Freshman Year, this has been a huge Comic-Con for Marvel Animation’s future.



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