Box Office: ‘Dune’ Nears $300M Worldwide As ‘My Hero Academia’ Tops All New Releases

  1. Dune– $15.5M/$69.4M

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune plummeted 62% in its second week domestically, hitting $69M overall. Worldwide the film is faring much better with $292M, already a much better number than Blade Runner 2049 did in 2017 when it ended with just $259M and was considered a flop. Warner Bros. is happy enough to have greenlit a Dune sequel, and perhaps the strong word of mouth will bolster that film’s prospects.

2. Halloween Kills– $8.5M/$85.6M

David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills continues to slash up the box office, adding another $8.5M for $85M domestic and $115M worldwide. It’s sticking around at a higher rate than horrors typically do, which says something about fans of this updated take on the classic franchise.

3. No Time to Die– $7.8M/$133.3M

In its fourth week, Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die has earned $133M stateside, and $606M worldwide.

4. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission– $6.4M

The top new release of the week wasn’t Last Night in Soho, or horror flick Antlers. Nope, it was Funimation’s release of anime My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission with $6.4M. This has quietly been a pretty big year for the domestic anime market, even if this falls short of the $21M debut of Demon Slayer. Still, these movies are made for a niche market and those people are turning out for them.

5. Venom: Let There Be Carnage– $5.7M/$190.4M

6. Last Night in Soho (review)- $4.16M

In wholly depressing news, Edgar Wright’s amazing Last Night in Soho opened with just $4.1M, the same exact number for the Guillermo Del Toro-produced Antlers. I’m not sure what to make of this other than it’s another example of audiences not turning out for unique content that maybe challenges them a little bit, and isn’t part of some existing IP. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Wright’s films, with the exception of Baby Driver‘s $225M, aren’t known for being big box office draws. But I foolishly hoped that film’s success would carryover, but these are two very different projects and Last Night in Soho is obviously a much tougher sell.

7. Antlers (review)- $4.16M

Another long-delayed film that bit the dust this week was Antlers, the creepy folk horror from director Scott Cooper and producer Guillermo Del Toro. With middling reviews and not a lot of buzz, it had to lean hard on Del Toro’s name to get by and obviously audiences were not sold.

8. Ron’s Gone Wrong– $3.8M/$12.6M

9. The Addams Family 2– $3.2M/$52.8M

10. The French Dispatch $2.7M/$4.6M