Review: ‘Chasing Wonders’

Paz Vega And Edward James Olmos Star In Family Story Of Truth, Wisdom, Love and Loss

Chasing Wonders is a heartwarming tale of a family who moved from wine country Spain to start a vineyard in Australia after experiencing an unexpected tragedy. A young boy is given a telescope and encouraged by his grandfather to live a life of hope and possibility by searching for wonders on the magical Emu Plains. He’s surrounded by the love and support of his family who only want to see him happy. However, the young boy’s father is strict and keeps him grounded to the harsh realities of life. Struggling to see eye-to-eye, this father-son relationship teeters on learning to acknowledge the complexity of what may come ahead of them while struggling not to be defined by the past. A past that could cause further division within a family already broken. 

Chasing Wonders is a wonderful coming of age film filled with exquisite scenery and starring award-winner Spanish star Paz Vega (Rambo: Last Blood, Sex and Lucia), Academy Award® nominee Edward James Olmos (Blade Runner, Miami Vice), Quim Gutierrez (Spy Time, The Last Days), iconic Almodóvar “girl” and multi award-winner Carmen Maura (Volver, The Women of the 6th Floor), Goya award-winner Antonio de la Torre (The Candidate, The Last Circus), Australia’s Jessica Marais (Love Child, Packed to the Rafters), and introducing the young Michael Crisafulli as Savino. Australian award-winning screenwriter Judy Morris (Happy Feet, Babe: Pig in The City) wrote the screenplay, which was shot over a five-year period. The film’s original music comes from KT Tunstall and Ilan Eshkeri.

A beautiful story that brings forward the truth and wisdom of love and loss experienced within a family torn apart by grief and confusion.  Eager to find peace and understanding, Savino (Crisafulli) and his father are on separate paths yet similar quest for acceptance. Chasing Wonders immerses you in a folklore-esque, atmospheric bubble that richly combines the earth’s lush and starry landscapes with the soul-searching determination of bringing a family back together. Outstanding performances throughout the cast and film are certainly memorable; further embracing the anecdotal context. So much visual and sentimental beauty!

Chasing Wonders can sometimes feel like the film drags on a bit. I think the intent is to really absorb the intertwining of expressed emotions, the natural wonder of the Spain and Australian environments, and array of amazing characters. Aside from that, this truly is an exceptional film. As a wife and mother having been through similar experiences and still face these forever existent challenges of keeping family together, I get it. Next up on my agenda… planning vacations to Spanish and Australian vineyards! Definitely worth a watch.

Chasing Wonders will be available in theaters and on North American digital HD internet, cable and satellite platforms, June 4th.