Extreme Team Building Is Back In The Trailer For ‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’

Escape Room, the 2019 horror film based on the trendy group problem-solving craze, was a perfectly serviceable flick. I mean, it’s mostly a Saw rip-off, but for those desiring a bit less gore and a few more puzzles it was a fun 90 minutes. It’s no surprise that a sequel is on it’s way, with the original pulling in $57M on a budget that was a fraction of that. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions has dropped it’s first trailer and it looks like we’re in for more of the same, in the best way possible. Sure, the trailer shows some spotty dialogue and questionable logic but that’s not the point of films like this. Whether it’s SawFinal Destination, or Escape Room: Tournament of Champions we aren’t looking for anything more then creative kills and a bit of suspense.

The sequel appears to pick up after the events of the first film, following Zoey (Taylor Russell) still on the trail of those responsible and trying to blow the lid off of their sick game. They end up in a subway train that’s been planted by the bad guys and from their the game is on. All evidence points to this flick following the proven sequel formula of “more” with the sets and traps seeming to up the ante of what we saw last time around. I’m hopeful, these movies are always fun when they get them right!


Escape Room: Tournament of Champions hits theaters on July 16th, 2021