‘Sex And The City’ Revival Coming To HBO Max

Grab a cosmo and your girlfriends: a Sex and the City revival is happening. HBO Max has greenlit a new iteration of the show entitled, And Just Like That…, one of Carrie’s go-to catchphrases.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie, is set to return with two of the other three original cast members Kristin Davis (Charlotte York) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbs). Kim Cattrall, who played the sex-obsessed Samantha Jones, will not be back after a very public fall out from her co-stars.

Parker, who serves a producer along with Nixon and Davis, announced the revival on her Instagram page. The 10 30-minute episodes will follow Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda as they figure out love and friendship in their 50s. Shooting is set to begin this Spring.

The show was a staple on HBO and ran from 1998 until 2004. Originally based on Candace Bushnell’s book of the same name, the show eventually spinoff into two sequel films, Sex and the City in 2008 and Sex and the City 2 in 2010, and a CW teen-drama prequel series called The Carrie Diaries. 

I personally never really got into the series, though I appreciate their impact on pop culture and female representation. But I can’t help but wonder if this reboot is really needed. The last film was 10 years ago which isn’t that long ago. I guess its groundbreaking to follow a group of women in their fifties but should we care about these characters still? The one thing I understood about Carrie in particular is that she never learned how to be a better person and at a time when people are looking for positive, lighthearted media, is this really the vehicle HBO Max wants to back? Then again it was the network’s most popular show so what do I know?

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