‘The Hardy Boys’ Play A More Grown Up Game In New Hulu Series

The Hardy Boys have been iconic characters in the “Kid Detective’ genre basically since it’s inception, as a matter of face, I think the boys and Nancy Drew may have created the genre. My memory is a little fuzzy on the subject, but I want to say that the brothers didn’t always just solve the mystery of the missing ice cream cone or whatever, I feel like they did get more serious from time to time. Regardless of my memory Hulu has a new series based on the detecting duo that seems to take on a more adult tone. That’s the thing now isn’t it? Take properties aimed at young adults and grow it up a bit? Nancy Drew has already done it. That being said, production value is high and the story seems interesting. After something happens to their mother the two move to a new town with their dad and immediately get enraptured in a mystery that needs their solving. Netflix gets all the hype but Hulu has really been consistent as of late, releasing very few stinkers. The more I think of it Netflix has definitely subscribed to the “Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks” method where as Hulu seems more quality over quantity.


Check out the trailer below and look for The Hardy Boys on Friday December 4th, 2020!




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