‘The Binge’ Trailer: Hulu Comedy Is ‘The Purge’ With Drugs And Liquor Instead Of Violent Death

Everybody knows The Purge would be a terrible idea in practice, right? A day where all violent crime is perfectly legal? No thank you. But what if you replaced all of the assault and murder with drugs, instead? That might be…well, a little more interesting. That’s the premise behind Hulu comedy The Binge, which looks like The Purge meets Can’t Hardly Wait.

Basically, The Binge takes place in a future where drugs and alcohol are 100% illegal, except for one day out of the year when everyone is free to drink until their livers tap out. Into this intoxicated madness are three high schoolers intent on hitting an epic party, while one tries to work up the courage to tell a girl how much he digs her.

Vince Vaughn is on board, and at one time we might’ve expected to see him as one of the rowdy partiers. He’s joined by Skyler Gisondo, Dexter Darden, Eduardo Franco, Grace Van Dien, Tony Cavalero, Zainne Saleh, Marta Piekarz, Esteban Benito, Brittany Garms, Natalie Goldberg, and Affion Crockett.

Behind the camera is Jeremy Garelick, directing his first film since 2015’s The Wedding Ringer. He’s also co-writer of The Break-Up, which may explain why Vaughan is involved.

This looks pretty goofy, not too far removed from Good Boys or Superbad. That sounds like fun to me.

The Binge his Hulu on August 28th.

SYNOPSIS: In the not so distant future all drinking and drugs have been made completely illegal by the government… except for one night a year. High school seniors, Griffin, Hags and Andrew make a pilgrimage to get to the best party in town where all their dreams will come true… Sure they will have to avoid their crazed principal (Vince Vaughn), violent siblings and the wild animals roaming the streets, but that’s all part of the fun! Their friendship will be tested, love live’s will be rattled and their brains completely scrambled. One thing is for sure, no one’s life is EVER the same after participating in The Binge!

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