Intrigue, Violence, and Henry Rollins, OH MY! The ‘Dreamland’ Trailer Has it All

There’s confusion that leaves you annoyed and indifferent and then there’s confusion that leaves you desperately wanting clarity, I’d put the trailer for Dreamland in the latter category. Thankfully I knew exactly what to expect when I saw that Bruce McDonald credit come up in the ‘Directed By’ slot. McDonald broke through with a film called Pontypool back in 2008 that I recommend every genre fan see at least once, especially if you’re high on the zombie/outbreak horse. From the start this trailer makes you think you’re getting a standard hitman/mob/gangster type movie but it becomes apparent really quickly that there’s more then meets the eye. Then there’s the inclusion of Henry Rollins, which guarantees a high level of violence, and Juliette Lewis who guarantees something just off from center…it’s safe to say that given the history of those involved and the chaos of this trailer that Dreamland is going to be far from a generic film. Still not convinced? Then I suggest you take a look at the trailer below..though you shouldn’t really need more then the official synopsis:

On the night of the strangest weddings in cinema history, a grotesque gang boss hires a stone cold killer to bring him the finger of a fading, drug-addicted jazz legend.




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