Review: ‘Butt Boy’

Starring: Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch, and Angela Jones

Well, you all wanted original films right? I’m going to assume that Butt Boy isn’t exactly what you meant but I guess it’s a step in the right direction? Tyler Cornack plays middle-aged loser Chip Gutchell who has a life changing realization after his first prostate exam. To put it bluntly, he’s a fan of butt stuff. After being unequivocally turned down by his indifferent wife Chip takes matters into his own hands, experimenting with things around the house. It’s all harmless until one day Chip is in a park and sees an infant, the infant is never seen again but we, the lucky lucky audience, knows where that baby is. It’s at this point where you should know whether you’re heading for the door in or in it for the long haul. The story fast forwards years later, and another kid is missing and this time Russel, a detective, is on the scene and a manhunt for the abductor is on.

WHOA…this is an interesting movie. While my juvenile heart loves the constant butt jokes even I’ll admit that I found myself a bit confused by the mix of themes. Maybe if it wasn’t children I would have been more on-board, but it’s hard to laugh when you’re talking about missing children. It’s hard to laugh…but I’m not saying I didn’t laugh. Honestly when the hunt gets underway it’s a pretty good detective movie, which is elevated by the atmosphere created by Cornack’s direction and design. It really gives the film an otherworldly feel inside of a noir bubble. Of everything that surprised me about this movie the performances of the leads has to be at the top of the list. I truly believed that this would be played very tongue-in-cheek, very b-movie level. What you get is two grounded performances in a very un-grounded situation that makes you almost take everything seriously. You can forget for a minute the details surrounding the case and become embroiled in a film about the hunt for a serial abductor/killer. All that being said, by the end of the movie you KNOW you haven’t watched a standard detective thriller. The reveal of what’s actually happened is something that will stay with you for some time, for better or for worse.

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