Nothing Is What It Seems In The Trailer for Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s ‘Homecoming’

What a time to be a mystery fan. The success of Black Mirror has really brought the twilight-zone type story back in vogue and I, for one, love it. Amazon Prime just dropped the trailer for season 2 of their series Homecoming and I was thoroughly confused…I just remembered that as being the series Julia Roberts was in and knew nothing about the plot. I’m happy to report that the second season is a totally new story with all new characters, so I’m not quite as out of the loop as I thought. When I watched the trailer I was hooked in, what transpires feels so much like an episode of the aforementioned Charlie Brooker series that I was actually looking for little Black Mirror easter eggs. Alas, it is separate but the intrigue is the same. Playing like a really messed up version of The Truman Show that I have to see through my only concern is that the trailer is giving away too much. In case you’re not yet convinced they through together a stellar cast to deliver the story, headlined by the astonishing Janelle Monáe and including folks like Chris Cooper and Stephan James…I could be wrong but I think I even saw Tim Robbins in there somewhere. Maybe not, check out the trailer below and tell me…was that Tim Robbins?


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