Kumail Nanjiani’s ‘Lovebirds’ Latest To Delay Due To Coronavirus Fears

And another one bites the dust… I can hear all day on the news that this virus is a big deal, but it’s when Hollywood starts clearing the marquees that I really start to take notice. It seems in the last few days that half of our posts are announcing another film delayed and hear I am, with yet another announcement. This time it’s the latest Marvel Hunk, a term I never thought I’d use to describe Kumail Nanjiani but here we are, taking the hit as his romantic comedy Lovebirds, in which he co-stars with Issa Rae, is officially listed as TBD. The film, which was supposed to hit theaters on April 3rd showcases Hollywood’s increasingly open arms to films with POC leads. Romantic comedies are, historically, whiter then fresh fallen snow so it’s a shame to see any hurdles get in the way of this movie’s release. Let’s just hope the additional time leads to more awareness of the film when it actually hits and doesn’t result in a stunted box office, which you just know those holding the purse strings would use as proof that there’s no demand for diversity in rom-com world.