Will Forte and Katlin Olson Ruin Their Resale Value in ‘Flipped’

It must be Quibi trailer day! This one seems to fit a bit more then the trailer for The Fugitive we posted earlier. Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson play a couple who buy a home to renovate as part of an HGTV style house flipping contest. The game changes a bit on demo day when they knock down a wall and find that those walls are filled with cold, hard, drug money. So they put it in a high interest savings account and lived happily ever after…..nope, you guessed it, the drug lords show up. Instead of killing them however, they….make them design houses? Yeah, comedy! On that premise I would pass, but the trailer makes a strong case, Will Forte is one of the most underrated comedic talents out there and any one that’s seen an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… knows how great Kaitlin Olson can be. The chemistry between the two is kind of tough to make out with what we get here but as long as that’s not totally absent we may have one worth watching on our hands.