‘The New Mutants’: Josh Boone Says It Was Never Meant To Be R-Rated

Today saw the long-awaited release of the latest trailer for The New Mutants, and I think it looks pretty good; scary and faithful to the comic book fans of the X-Men love. And this is no small thing, because sure as Hell it looked like this was either going to be complete garbage, or simply not come out at all. But it’s happening, and director Josh Boone wants to get ahead of something he knows will come up because it always does when superhero films are involved.

Even with the strong horror vibe The New Mutants is giving off, the film is and always has been designed to be PG-13. There was never any plan for it to be rated ‘R’, despite the success of films such as Joker, Logan, and Deadpool

This apparently won’t stop the film from being incredibly scary, according to New Mutants artist Bill Sienkiewicz, one of the creators responsible for the storyline that inspired the film. If you know anything about Siendiewicz’s run on that comic, it’s probably his unique art during the “Demon Bear” storyline.

 The New Mutants hits theaters on April 3rd.