‘Standing Up, Falling Down’ Trailer: Ben Schwartz & Billy Crystal Get A Life In New Comedy

One of the biggest hit films of last year, Joker, centered on a guy whose stand-up comedy career didn’t go as he hoped. It’s a premise we’ve seen plenty of times before, including in Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy. Both of those films took the idea in some seriously dark and twisted directions, but that’s not what you’re going to get from the upcoming comedy Standing Up, Falling Down, which stars comedy legend Billy Crystal alongside Ben Schwartz.

Marking the directorial debut of Matt Ratner (a producer on Band of Robbers), the film stars Schwartz as a struggling stand-up comedian forced to move back home with his parents. While back in his hometown, he becomes fast friends with a dermatologist looking for some excitement. Basically, these guys help one another to get a life.

While there’s nothing exactly novel about the story, the combo of Crystal and Schwartz could be great. They’re joined by Eloise Mumford, Grace Gummer, Nate Corddry, Debra Monk, and Kevin Dunn.

SYNOPSIS: After four years of chasing his stand-up comedy dream in Los Angeles, 34-year-old Scott Rollins (Ben Schwartz) has crashed and burned. Hard. Left with little money and a fledgling at best “career”, Scott has no choice but to regroup, lick his wounds, and return home to his parent’s house in Long Island. While trying to figure out what to do next, Scott pines after his ex, Becky Brookes (Eloise Mumford), a successful photographer who has since married a former mutual friend. On a night out at the bar, Scott strikes up an unlikely friendship with an eccentric dermatologist, Marty (Billy Crystal), who has regrets of his own. Marty and Scott both help each other find the courage to face the failures in their lives.

Standing Up, Falling Down hits theaters and VOD on February 21st.