Christian Bale And David O. Russell Are Teaming For A New Film This Fall

It’s taken a while, but Christian Bale and David O. Russell are together again. Given the 17 Oscar nominations of their two previous collaborations, The Fighter and most recently American Hustle, it’s just a wonder it has taken this long.

As for what the two will be collaborating on, Deadline doesn’t have any info at all. Honestly, when it’s Bale and Russell details don’t matter all that much. We’re going to be down for it no matter what. Collider does have some possible info on it, beginning with the title Amsterdam, and a cast that could include Margot Robbie, Jamie Foxx, and Angelina Jolie. All are reportedly being sought, while Jennifer Lawrence was considered at one time.

Bale has continued to be on a roll since their last pairing, with an Oscar nomination for Vice and acclaim for his roles in The Big Short and Ford v Ferrari. Things haven’t been quite as hot for Russell. His previous movie, 2015’s Joy, failed to measure up to past accolades. Perhaps a reunion with Bale is exactly what’s needed.

Production is expected to begin in April, whatever this turns out to be. 


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