‘Troop Zero’ Trailer: Viola Davis And McKenna Grace Take On Allison Janney In Amazon’s Camp Comedy

Allison Janney and Viola Davis square off in the new trailer for Troop Zero, a film that debuted earlier this year at Sundance. Amazon Studios quickly picked up the rights and have been holding on to the camp comedy from rising star director duo Bert & Bertie.

While the chance to see screen greats like Janney and Davis go toe-to-toe is always welcome, the film is led Gifted and Captain Marvel star McKenna Grace. She plays the precocious oddball Christmas Flint, who joins other misfits to infiltrate a prissy all-girl troop and send a time capsule into space, which she hopes will help reconnect with her dead mother. Davis plays the tough-as-nails paralegal who leads Christmas’ group into a battle of wills against their prim and proper rivals, led by an especially unlikable Janney.

I remember not caring for this one too much, finding it a bit rough around the edges and lacking in enough humor to sustain it. But it’s the kind of easily digestible, good-natured movie that should do well on Amazon Prime, where it’ll arrive on January 17th 2020.