The Amazons Of Themyscira May Be Getting A ‘Wonder Woman’ Spinoff

It may have been Aquaman to be the first $1B hit for the DCEU, but it was Wonder Woman where things started to turn around for Warner Bros. The Internet is still buzzing over yesterday’s trailer for sequel Wonder Woman 1984, but if a new rumor is true there may be a lot more Amazonian ass-kicking on the way.

According to Brazilian journalist Miguel Morales, a Wonder Woman spinoff may be in the works centered on the Amazonians from her home island of  Themyscira. Morales says it was confirmed by Patty Jenkins, who will exec-produce the film…

This actually makes a lot of sense, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been announced before. Warner Bros. is already developing an Aquaman sequel, titled The Trench, that will have horror elements. A Wonder Woman spinoff following the wildly popular Amazonians is even more logical. Anything that might give us more of badass Robin Wright as Antiope is fine with me. And no dudes getting in the way! All kick-ass ladies on horseback with swords and arrows in this joint. I’m down for it.

If this turns out to be true, expect Warner Bros. to confirm it soon.


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