Marvel Will Keep Releasing “Three Or Four” Movies A Year Despite The Disney+ Shows

Sorry, Martin Scorsese, but Marvel Studios will continue to turn movie theatres into amusement parks multiple times a year. I think there was some genuine concern from fans that with so many Disney+ shows on the way, there would be fewer movies on the big screen. Surely, Kevin Feige can’t keep up that kind of pace, right?

According to Disney’s Alan Horn in an interview with THR, yeah, Kevin Feige can totally keep it up.

“…Kevin Feige is working away. He will be making three or four a year. And they are very different from one another, so we’ll see”, Horn said when asked if Marvel could keep up its streak of 23 hits in a row.

Next year sees the release of Black Widow and The Eternals, with Falcon and the Winter Soldier hitting Disney+ towards the end of 2020. In 2021 Marvel really kicks into high gear with Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man 3, and Thor: Love & Thunder. Over on the Disney+ side there’s Loki, WandaVision, What If?, and Hawkeye

You weren’t hoping for a Marvel break, were you? Not gonna happen.


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