Forget Spider-Man, Sony’s ‘Night Monkey’ Trailer Is All You Need

Sony understands you’re probably still sore over Spider-Man leaving Marvel. They get it, and feel your pain, which is why they’re giving you something special to celebrate the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Far from Home on Bluray. It’s a trailer for the newest and greatest hero to swing into your hearts, Night Monkey!

“When night falls, a new hero rises. The night belongs…to the monkey.”

Repackaging all of the action-packed Night Monkey scenes from Far from Home, this trailer is obviously being played up for laughs and in a way pokes fun at the whole Disney/Sony debacle. If fans can’t have Spider-Man, they’ll always have Night Monkey.

Spider-Man: Far from Home hits home release on October 1st, but is available right now on digital.