Creepy Yet Oddly Beautiful. The First Trailer for ‘Cats’ is Here!

Cats is unquestionably one of the most well-known and popular theater productions of the 20th century, so I’m in the minority here…but I don’t get it. So like, they’re all just Cats re-enacting a feline version of what? West Side Story maybe? Chicago? Look, my lack of sophistication and culture aside there’s something about this story that has touched people deep down for decades. Couple that with this remarkable who’s who of musical theater superstars and you have something that is going to be the best version of itself, whatever that is.

Judy Dench, Rebel Wilson, Ian McClellan, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, a lasciviously evil looking Idris Elba and a confusingly hot Taylor Swift headline the “folks you would know” list and while I’m confused and disturbed by the trailer I can’t deny it’s beauty. The music is beautiful and the set design looks to have the perfect touch that’s so rare to see where they are able to make you feel like you’re in a theater and a real place at the same time. It’s as close as is possible to that inimitable feeling of being in a theater watching a live show.

Cats hits Theaters on December 20th, 2019


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