Rumor: Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ May Feature Its First Openly Gay Male Lead

Last summer when Marvel’s Kevin Feige was asked if a movie featuring an LGBTQ lead character was in the works, his answer was simple: “Yes.”  He may be making good on that, if the latest rumor from That Hashtag Show (judge accordingly) holds any weight.

Marvel is currently casting on The Eternals, and for the lead role they reportedly “would prefer the role to go to an openly gay actor” of any ethnicity between the age of 30-49 with a superhero’s physical build.  It isn’t clear which character this would be for, but I have a feeling it could be the sexually-liberated Starfox, the brother of Thanos.  Unlike Thanos, who recently succeeded in wiping out half of the universe’s population, Starfox is obsessed with love and can manipulate the emotions of others.

Director Chloe Zhao may also be looking at Cold War star Tomasz Kot for a “physically imposing” character. I’m not sure who that could be but it may be one of the monstrous offshoots known as the Deviants. There’s also a chance Cameron Britton (The Umbrella Academy) is a contender for the role of Ikaris, currently the Prime Eternal and leader of the god-like beings.

Filming on The Eternals begins later this year.


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