Marvel Planning A ‘What If?’ Animated Series For Disney+

Back in the day, one of my favorite Marvel comics was What If?, an anthology series that took the kind of shit we fanboys would argue about all of the time, like “What If Wolverine Had Killed The Hulk?”, “What if Spider-Man Became the Punisher?”, and “What If Professor X Had Become The Juggernaut?”  They were really cool, and the series lasted for decades, giving new creators the chance to flex their muscles in the Marvel Universe in a fun, carefree way. And now Marvel Studios may be looking to bring some of that fun to Disney+.

According to Slashfilm, Marvel’s Kevin Feige is planning a What If? animated anthology series for Disney’s streaming service. This would not be part of the MCU in any way, obviously, but there’s the possibility of those actors coming in to lend their voices.

For instance, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston would be perfect to voice issue #47, titled “What If Loki Found Thor’s Hammer First?”  That issue is apparently on the list to be adapted, and you can bet Feige will be placing a call to Hemsworth and Hiddleston, especially since the latter is already getting a Loki series on Disney+.

I love this idea because the What If? stories were great and were so imaginative at the time. The problem was that Marvel basically took the crazy ideas in them and made normal stories or one-shots out of them, so there was no need for a regular series. For instance, the issue “What if Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?” isn’t so crazy because he did eventually join the team.


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