‘Poms’ Trailer: Diane Keaton Leads A ‘Bring It On’ For The Over-70 Crowd

Call me a caveman but movies about cheerleaders? I dig ’em. Bring It On ranks up there pretty damn high, my friends. But the cheerleader comedies I love are taking a turn for the mature in a way that I’m not prepared for. Poms stars Diane Keaton as a senior citizen who rekindles her love for competitive cheerleading.

Similar to last year’s Book Club, Keaton will lead another group of older women who find a new zest for life. Keaton plays Martha, who joins a retirement community and finds it to be pretty terrible until she meets Sheryl, played by Jacki Weaver, who gets her back into cheerleading. Joining them on the cheer squad are Pam Grier and Rhea Perlman. Also in the cast are Charlie Tahan, Celia Weston, Phyllis Somerville, and Bruce McGill. 13 Reasons Why‘s Alisha Boe plays a more experienced cheerleader who teaches them the ropes. Those basket tosses don’t just happen naturally.

Behind the camera is Zara Hayes, the documentary filmmaker behind 2013’s Battle of the Sexes, from a script by Shane Atkinson.

Poms hits theaters on May 10th. I don’t think this will be replacing Bring It On or Sugar & Spice in my home library, but you never know. Keaton is still pretty irresistible.