Funko Pop To Jump On the Animated Adaptation Train!

In a move so obvious I’m amazed I didn’t question how it hasn’t happened yet, a source on Twitter, Daniel Richtman who writes for, has posted an image purported to be the WB Animation slate for the coming years and the first entry on the list is Funko Pop/Funkville. In a world where Lego has becoming an animation giant it’s amazing that it took so long for someone to adapt the curiously addictive collectible figures. I remember thinking these were so stupid, then I was given one, then I bought one… I have like 50 of them. I seriously don’t know why they’re so addictive, perhaps it’s the WIDE range of licenses so far ranging that you can have Albert Einstein standing next to Lion-O in your collection. It’s because of those licenses that this thing could really work. Obviously with something so beloved we’re all going straight to thinking it will be a quality flick like The LEGO Movie, but there were a LOT of factors that went into that. A good story being the first and most important ingredient. Obviously the minds behind Funko know a think or two about pleasing an audience, I just hope their influence extends to the movie rights. Oddly, next to the Funko listing I find myself getting slightly too excited at seeing a somewhat retro trend in their slate with Coyote Vs Acme, a Wile E. Coyote flick I’m assuming, and The Jetson’s as well. Gotta respect the old school!

If you need a Funko Film Fix before WB gets their movie to theaters I HIGHLY recommend Making Fun: The Story of Funko on Netflix.

Check Out Richtman’s tweet below and let us know how you feel about this news