‘The Last Laugh’ Trailer: Chevy Chase And Richard Dreyfuss Relive Their Glory Years In Netflix’s Comedy

There was a time when a film starring Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss would’ve been a must-see that packed theaters across the country. Unfortunately, that time was 1985 not 2018, and neither actor commands the same attention. But Netflix knows there’s probably an audience out there who still want to see these two veteran stars do their thing, and that’s why this trailer for The Last Laugh is here. Whether there is a first laugh is debatable, though.

In a strange role reversal, Dreyfuss plays a long-retired standup comedian who is convinced by his former manager (Chase) to go on one final tour to close out their twilight years. I’m sure this is harmless and all, but the kid in me who loved Chase in the National Lampoon movies is saddened to see him in something this bland looking. I kept waiting for Morgan Freeman to show up this looked like such a mediocre senior citizens comedy.  Andie MacDowell shows up as a potential love interest, appearing to be about a generation too young for them (which she isn’t, but still), and a scene where Chase tries to play it cool while buying drugs just reminds me of how much I miss him as Clark Griswold. He used to be able to pull off that lame awkwardness so effortlessly.

Behind the camera is Greg Pritkin, who you probably don’t know but he wrote one of the awful skits in that turd Movie 43. Sadly, he wrote the script for this, too.

I’ll take this time to remind you that Netflix refused Holmes & Watson, but The Last Laugh they’ll happily premiere on January 11th 2019.