The ‘Roger Rabbit’ Sequel Script Is So Good, Disney Doesn’t Want To Make It

Incredibly, Who Framed Roger Rabbit opened in 1988, a full three decades ago. And ever since there have been multiple attempts to do a sequel to the groundbreaking live-action/animated hit. When we first started this site I used to try and keep up with all of the Roger Rabbit rumors but gave up because none of them went anywhere and there seemed to be no genuine appetite for another movie. That is, unless you spoke with director Robert Zemeckis, who has maintained for a couple of years that the latest script, a “continuation” that takes Roger and his wife Jessica Rabbit into the 1950s movie era, is “magnificent”.

Zemeckis has always been pessimistic the sequel would ever happen, and his attitude hasn’t changed one bit. While speaking with Yahoo about his critically-panned film Welcome to Marwen, Zemeckis blames Disney for not wanting to move forward on the “wonderful” Roger Rabbit 2 script…

“I don’t know where it fits in in their universe. There’s no princess in it, so I don’t know where that would be. There’s a wonderful script sitting at Disney that is really good, but I don’t think it’s on their radar.”

Bitter much? I have my doubts that script is so great otherwise somebody would’ve jumped to acquire it. He might want to stop and think that after directing three big flops in a row that maybe Disney isn’t looking to get in the Robert Zemeckis business right now.  Welcome to Marwen is being called one of the worst movies of 2018 (it’s definitely down there), so this may not be a good time for politicking over a sequel thirty years overdue.