‘Child’s Play’ Reboot To Star Brian Tyree Henry And Aubrey Plaza

While most horror franchise have their ups and downs, mostly downs, Child’s Play has been going strong since the original 1988 movie. Sure, some sequels have been better than others but there’s no sign of the killer doll going away any time soon. In fact, with recent word of a fresh reboot and the continuation of the original series continuity plus a TV series, there’s about to be more Child’s Play than ever. And now we know who will be trying to survive Chucky’s rampage in the updated movie.

Collider reports Atlanta breakout Brian Tyree Henry and Legion‘s Aubrey Plaza are in talks to star in the Child’s Play reboot. This new take on the slasher film will center on a group of kids, ala It and Stranger Things, who square off against a technologically-advanced Chucky doll that enters their world. Lars Klevberg will direct from a script by Kung Fury 2‘s Tyler Burton Smith, with It producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith also on board.

Seven Child’s Play movies have already been made, growing increasinly weird and comical over the years. The most recent was last year’s Cult of Chucky, directed by franchise creator Don Mancini. It’s unclear if the new film will carry the same tone or if they’ll go a darker, more gruesome route, but something tells me the whole “technologically-advanced” angle, and this casting, lends itself to humor more than anything else. We shall see, and probably soon because this is starting to come together.


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